Method of instruction course

On Saturday 26th November, Flt Sgt Dixon, Sgt Whitehead, Cpl Dyne, Cpl Frederiksen, Cpl Purdy and Cpl Morphet attended a Method of Instruction Course with cadets and NCOs from across the Wing. The course was hosted at 2510 (West Denton) Squadron. The all-day course was ran by the Commanding Officer of 2510 Squadron, Flt Lt McDonald, who co-ordinated the day of lectures and observed the cadets and NCOs teaching mini-lessons to improve their instruction technique.

 The benefits of this course for the NCOs who attended, as well as opening up the opportunity for a yellow lanyard for their uniform after assessment, included gaining the knowledge and skills to tutor junior cadets and deliver lectures to help cadets pass their classification exams. The course also improved their public speaking, a transferable life skill. Cpl Purdy said that the course was, “…a valuable and interesting experience and worthwhile for any cadet”.  

Completion of the ATC syllabus, Method of Instruction Course and subsequent assessment by a uniformed member of staff from our sector allows cadets to gain the yellow lanyard and the classification of Instructor Cadet. Any cadets who are interested in this course or with questions about the syllabus or lanyard should speak to an NCO or uniformed member of staff.

Overall the day was of great benefit to the NCOs who attended, who can use the knowledge they have gained to the Squadrons advantage in future.